In the Company of Angels- Notes on Today’s Event

Published March 18, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

From my Perspective

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I participated in my very first webinar today, and will admit I was a little nervous.  It was almost like when just before I had to get up onstage to sing in front of a crowd of people.  I had a few butterflies, but they very quickly vanished as the call began.  Randy is a calming influence, and I was grateful that he has so much experience putting on this type of event.

I will say I felt like most of the time I was babbling.  I certainly hope I was coherent.  One of the things that  happens when I get into high energy situations, especially when Spirit wants to speak, is it makes it difficult to stay focused in my body, and the brain seems to go on autopilot.  Thank goodness I’d had the common sense to make some notes beforehand to keep myself on track. Somewhat, at least.

I worked on my presentation a bit earlier in the day, and as I was adjusting some of the notes on Mount Shasta, I could feel the gentle shift that meant the door to the LightWorld was being opened.  I have been told I am a translator for the Language of Light, and sometimes I feel like it’s a ‘on call all the time position’.  I told God 20 years ago when I was awakened that if I was to be a messenger, that if I could be placed in front of whomever it was I was to deliver the message to, then I would do my part to deliver it.  I will confess here that I did not  live up to that contract today.

During the webinar, I felt a little like perhaps I was taking too long, and that I didn’t know how some of what I wanted to say would be received.  Yes, I am still working on that, despite the fact that I have gotten really comfortable with putting it out there permanently in this forum to the entire world.  When I got to the part about the catalytic power of Mount Shasta, I sort of skipped over what I knew was a bit of a message that got slipped in while I’d been working earlier in the day. I am going to redeem myself here and now:

Sunset, Mount Shasta - Klamath Basin National ...

Sunset, Mount Shasta - Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge (Photo credit: ex_magician)

 To those of you who were listening, remember I said that just being in the energy of Mount Shasta is awe-inspiring, and that it will alter the vibration of all who are exposed to it.  I started to get the sense as I was working on this part of my presentation that there might be some intense preparation that will be happening for those who are called to participate in this gathering.  I wrote:  I would encourage you to not be deterred if your ‘stuff’ starts to surface…(then came this, out of the blue, literally in mid-sentence):  “understand that it is necessary for the energy field to be cleared out in preparation for the work we will undertake as a group.  Listen to your hearts, and step forward if you are ready to stand and be counted.  The work is not easy, nor would we have you think it would be so.  But you are strong, and your spirit will grow through walking this road for the balance of this year.  Whether you choose to participate on the mountain or not, simply by listening to these words is igniting within you the spark of transmutation.  You will experience the lifting of the density, and a lightening of your spirits.  And so it is.”

After that  came information that spoke to the various types of vortexes on Mount Shasta that support accelerated change.  I will make sure I speak in a little more detail about this during the next webinar.

Then towards the end of the event, Randy Monk did a brief meditation and used an image of Mount Shasta as the focus point.  I walk around in the state he was talking about pretty much all the time, and at the slightest opportunity, will just begin receiving.  Most often, it is information from my own higher guidance, but because we were given a ‘target’ or reference point, word started coming, and I was covered with goose bumps as I wrote.

I have been getting a lot of lessons lately about just doing as I am asked, and sometimes it stretches me.  The words were there on the paper in front of me, the event was coming to a close.  I only had a minute or two left to decide to share what had come to me. Or not.  Free will is a powerful thing.  I surrendered to the guidance to speak, and found my mouth moving and sound coming out.

“Randy, can I share a message that just came through?” I heard myself say.

“Sure,” he said, “go ahead.”

Here is  the message:

We await your arrival, Dear Ones.  Many of you have waited lifetimes for this moment.  We have waited millennia for you. Our arms are opened wide as we stand to welcome your presence here.  From within the Heart of All that Is comes a surge of joy that this moment is finally come.  Together, we rejoice for now has come the moment of our united triumph.  Magnificent gifts await those who will present themselves here.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Thank you,  Cheryl, for encouraging me to post this.

If anyone would like to hear the webinar, just click here.

A little side note:  Just before the webinar, I was guided to draw two cards out of a deck one of my students had gifted me a short while ago.  (Thank you, Arlene.  Without knowing it, you have been a beautiful, timely messenger of the Masters).  The deck is the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.  It still had the little wrapper around the deck, and they were stuck together because I hadn’t had the time to sit with them.  I was drawn to place two of them out, one male, one female.  The male was Saint Germain.  He has been with me, or should I say I have been aware of his presence around me (more or less) for 20 years.  Recently, he has really been making himself known to me, and I am in the process of surrendering to the request, but taking my time about it.

The other card I was drawn to represented the female energy, and was Amaterasu.  The words across the top of the card were:  Come Out of the Closet, which I saw afterwards.  I was most  drawn to the image.  When the event was over, I picked up the little book that comes with the deck and read about Amaterasu.  Shortened version of the message is that it is time for me to show  who I really am to myself and to others, and that this may involve allowing other people to see my true nature.  Well. THAT was timely.  The more I work on this level, the more help I receive.

Thank you to the energies of the Masters and angels who supported us all this day.  Thank you to the bright lights that joined in, and to all who will listen later.

May the angels bless you and keep you safe from harm.

All original material posted to this site is copyright 2012, Julie Marie.

4 comments on “In the Company of Angels- Notes on Today’s Event

  • So delighted to see you again today. It is Becky, you helped me find Ascended Master Kuthumi. Felt profound and right. I also use the ascended masters deck which confirms even more for me that I am supposed to be in mount Shasta. I knew in Sept. I would take a trip but now I know where. Thanks sweetie. Pleasure to see you again. Becky

    • It truly never ceases to amaze me how complex – and yet how beautifully, perfectly, orchestrated – this Divine Plan is. You could end up on a mountain in September because someone chased you down, sort of, no really did, didn’t I? It will be an honor to do this work with you. Thank you for showing up.

    • It will be a surprise for all of us, me included. I can definitely say that the Angels themselves are in charge of this one. I will do my best to facilitate their message. Stay tuned. I know you will. Your support means a lot to me. I am grateful.

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