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Easter Morning

Published April 8, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Easter Sunrise from South Beach

In the quiet of the dawning day, the only sound to be heard is occasional birdsong.  I’m actually up before the birds today.

Spruce Knob Morning Sky. The highest point in ...Sunrise

The dawning of the day represents another opportunity to begin again, and as this particular day emerges from the darkness of night, I am stirred to contemplate my own resurrection.  Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, we each have the ability to remake ourselves and our lives into something that more closely matches the highest potential of our soul’s expression.  It matters not where we are when we begin, it only matters that we do.

Turn your face to the sun.  Close your eyes and feel, really feel, the warmth of its rays on your skin.  Give thanks for the precious opportunity you have been given to make your whole world new again.  Each of us, individually, has the unlimited capacity to rise above the density of our daily meanderings and bring forward the majesty of our Greater Selves.

You are the instrument through which your Soul expresses.  What gift would your Soul wish to give to the Earth this day?  My small gift is these words.  Sunrise.  Like each of us, unique in expression every single time.  But the message is always the same: you can begin again.  Today.

The future depends on what we do in the present. ~Mahatma Gandhi

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Message #1

Published April 2, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

It has been almost two decades since I did any inspired writing.  Today I am inspired to write. Let’s just see what will come of this.

Andrea del Verrocchio - Tobias and the Angel -...

Open your awareness to us like the beautiful flowers are opening to the light of the sun in this season you call Spring.  We will endeavor to illuminate the passageway so that you may see the direction of this communication for yourself.

Beloved scribe, long have we waited to be with you, together, in this way once more.  We abide in a timeless place, nevertheless we understand the unfolding of the time stream of your world.  As you know, we cannot come through unless invited.  We bow humbly to you for allowing us once more to enter your energy field, to allow us to transmit words that  are meant to be heard at this time.

The Light is rising on your planet.  As your heart turns once more to Heaven, the Light can feel that longing and thus responds in kind.  Can you not feel our rejoicing?  We are moving towards each other with increasing speed, and soon there will be a reunion unlike any that has been experienced on either side of the veil for aeons of  time. It will change forever the very motion of the planets in the heavens.

(I ask here for some practical words, something that will help those who take the time to come here to read this message.)

If you would hasten this connection,  we encourage you to renew your commitment to treating yourself and others with kindness.  So much of the energy of your world is tied up in discord and disharmony.  Often there is not enough left over with which to continue to create the world that would come.  As you begin to value yourself more, and thus value the Other that is also you, this will begin to free up that trapped reservoir of energy just waiting to be tapped.

Simply envision some ice cubes.  These ice cubes represent the solidified, the frozen energy of which we speak.  Turn your attention with intention, upon the image of the ice cubes.  Melt them with the light of your love.  See the water, which represents the energy from which all things are created, begin to flow.  Envision it as it spreads across the face of the Earth, enlivening and energizing the entire planet and all living things upon Her.  Take a moment now to sit in the quiet space of your magnificent collective mind and do this.  For yourself.  For the Other, which is also you.

We give thanks for the precious time you have allowed us this day, and look forward to another time.  That which begins as a whisper shall soon become a roar.

A gathering of angels can enlighten the whole world. ~ Unknown

All original material posted to this site is copyright 2012, Julie Marie.