Message #2

Published June 5, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

I AM Gabriel

icon, Gabriel. Архангел Гавриил Из деисусного ...

I am pleased to be able to speak with you today.  I come as one who has been sent by the Most High in answer to your call.  Beloved humanity, it is incumbent upon you to take up your tools and begin to build the life you would have for yourselves.  Fear is not what should be the guiding principle for your choices.  Trust in the guidance of the Lord of Hosts, and you will understand that you are certainly being led to the place you are meant to be.

We weep sometimes when we behold the magnificence of your spirit being crushed by the weight of indecision and doubt. Yes, we can cry.  Yes, we feel.  Yes, we can bring our energies in more closely to your awareness if you would but ask for our Presence to be felt.

We wait for the time when you invoke our help.

We send through what you would call thought transmissions an almost constant stream of messages directly from the Most High to any and all who would be open to receive them.  We are heartened when some of these messages are then shared with others.

Our time of more direct interaction is coming soon.  The worlds are beginning to interweave, the filaments of each are beginning to blend the one together with the other.  You are becoming more sensitive to our energies whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  It is becoming easier for us to deliver the messages we are carrying to all those who would hear them.

I understand there is change upon the face of your world.  This change reaches deep beneath the surface, and far into the heavens.  This is a time of great Transformation.  You are learning, you are remembering.  You are soon to be working in a different way, especially when it comes to your relationships – with others, yes but also your relationship with yourself.  It is time for each of you to begin to establish a solid relationship with yourself.

If you do not trust yourself, then do whatever it takes to learn how to have trust in yourself, your ability to make good choices, to do what you know is the right thing to do in any given situation.  You are all being tested now.  It is not meant to place you in a position where you will stand in judgment of yourself, or others, for that matter, it is so you can grow in confidence about your ability to stand in the truth of your understanding.

Listen with your hearts, and you will surely hear the distant sound of trumpets beginning to sound.  I am here to bring the message of change.  I am here to bring the message of faith. Fear not, for that will close down your heart – connection.  We stand ready to minister in whatever way you would have us be of assistance.  You will never be left alone.  Not a single one of you will go through what is to come without our presence with you every single step of the way. I am Gabriel, and this is my message.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit, for without being seen, they are present with you. ~ St. Francis de Sales

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie.

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4 comments on “Message #2

  • How beautifully these words wove into my heart as I read! So true,and steady the course ahead.I am truly thankfull for this transmission.

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