Angel Message #6

Published August 20, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Be Not Afraid

English: Archangel Gabriel (detail) in Polypty...

English: Archangel Gabriel (detail) in Polyptych of the Resurrection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am Archangel Gabriel, and I have come to remind you of this singular thing:  your fear, should you allow it to rule you, will cause you to step off the path that has been carefully laid out before you.  Be not afraid, beloved Children of the Light.  It is our duty to shield you as much as possible so that you may clearly see your way through the  obstacles that are before you.  I remind you here that most of those obstacles are of your own creation.

Call upon the angels to stand with you, for we are ready to do so.  Move with deliberation and only after you have asked for clear guidance.  Seek out others like unto yourself. By this, we do indeed mean those that can blend harmoniously with your energies.  Now is not the time for diplomacy.  Now is the time for discernment, a word this scribe is very fond of.  We concur.  Discernment is of increasing importance as we all, collectively, move into the energy of what is To Be.

Does it surprise you to hear us include ourselves in this process?  We, too, wish only to bring all that is in darkness into the Light. We are only able to do what is requested of us, and we are capable of so much more if you would but invoke our Presence more frequently.  We come to you on the Breath of the Wind.  Hear the whisper of our wings as we pass close by.

The radiance of the Light that is coming towards you now, you cannot even begin to imagine.  Soon you will have but to stand in it, to experience it.  All in the fullness of time.  That time is upon us.

Be not afraid.  Do not allow yourselves to forget that you are eternal beings, a spark from All That Is.

I am Archangel Gabriel, and I have spoken.

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6 comments on “Angel Message #6

  • I love AA Gabriel! One of my Sacred Circle of Five, AA Gabriel always has my back, covering me in God’s Mercy and Grace. Thank you for this beautiful message. Great confirmation. I love you, Julie!

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