A Melchizedek Message

Published October 15, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Through My Ancient Eyes

Peter Paul Rubens - The Meeting of Abraham and...

Peter Paul Rubens – The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dearest Children of the Most High, I would share with you some words of encouragement at this time of tremendous stress upon your planet. Please understand that you are affected by the increasing waves of Light that are breaking upon the shores of your awareness. You may not be consciously aware of this energy, but we would affirm that these waves will reorient your structures to the Original Blueprint of your soul, individually and collectively.

We can sense the strain all of this is having upon your body’s nervous system, to great detriment of your ability to connect with any of Us. You may have noticed of late that you require more rest. Please, whenever possible, allow yourselves some respite from the often overwhelming load you struggle to carry. Seek support whenever you need it. Do not hesitate to help each other whenever you can. Even a small effort will make an incredible positive difference to the one needing the assistance.

Come to Us in the stillness daily. We know that your perception is that you have no time for such things, but if you understood the incredible importance of this small act, you would sit in silence every day. Reach up with your consciousness to take the hand that We offer to you. We cannot pull you up if you will not allow it.

Whether you be King, or pauper, sinner or saint, understand that at this moment in time on your planet, you all have the equal opportunity to complete your Soul’s evolution in this singular incarnation. We would encourage you to take hold of the gift you are being given and do not squander it. It will be a long time before this particular doorway can be opened once again.

Concern yourselves with your own actions and do not dwell overly long upon the choices of others. There is a rhythm to it all, and as long as the music is playing each of you has an equal chance at Redemption. I am familiar with the concept, for as one who has the task of  making life and death choices on behalf of the greater good, I understand how Fate can shift the trajectory of one’s path in an instant.

Engage in activities that uplift your Spirit for this will increase the rate at which you vibrate. It is the vibration of the collective at the critical juncture that will determine the fate of your race. I know you grow weary of things as they are. Stand in your Light, then, and make a difference. Know that every decision you make, even the smallest of ones, is of tremendous importance at this time. Do not underestimate your power to tip the scales in favor of an accelerated enlightenment process. None of you can know which choice you make will be the one that determines the outcome of this phase of evolution.

Most of you are only concerned with the ascension of your planet at this time. You do not understand that, from our perspective, this affects all of Creation. Which feather, on which side of the scales, will tip the balance and set us all free? Of one thing you can be assured. That day will come. Through my eyes, I can see that this is the closest we have been to cresting this particular Wave of Creation in many attempts. We are hopeful. As We encouraged you to ask for help when you needed it, We do understand the importance of co-operative endeavors. We would enlist your whole hearted efforts to raise your frequency and to maintain it at its optimum levels at this time.

We must all work together towards our common goal. I am finished.

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

14 comments on “A Melchizedek Message

  • “and set us all free” – notice the use of ‘us all’ here. As we are counselled in our liberation into our divinity, I have wondered and asked what they are being liberated unto. Free will is one answer.

    Thank you for your willingness to bring in this message.

  • Lately I’ve been pulled at both ends, never sure if I’m moving forward or falling behind. But, nights like these remind me of the greater purpose. I am truly grateful to have ended up here tonight. Thank you for sharing such Light.

      • Yes, it’s beautiful when we drop into that space to receive. I’m sure you were *filled* in the process of it all, as we were filled in our part of the receiving. Best – j.

      • Ah, whereas I’m wishing for more dropping in and less being in the world. Both reaching for balance, but from different directions! But I have a dear friend who experiences something similar to you…I believe it’s an ongoing micro-correction sort of thing – that and always asking for assistance and guidance from her guides. It’s quite a path that we’re all walking!

      • I look forward to the day when I can stay plugged in and don’t need or have to attend to the mundane affairs of daily living in the world is what I meant to convey. I still have to drive a car, and set appointments for myself, and travel from place to place. I have noticed most recently that the longer I can stay ‘out’ the stronger the connection becomes, and the greater the work that can be accomplished. In my perfect scenario, I would be part of a team, and my job would be to bring the energy in, and to do the work. Someone ELSE would do the driving, and the rest of it. If Spirit would have it be that way, then it will. I haven’t got a clue as to how that would come about, exactly, but I can hardly wait to see if/when it does. It is the balancing that is the tricky bit. But yes, we are on quite a path together all of us, and it’s leading somewhere grand. Thank you for bringing your Light here. I look forward to more conversations.

      • Ahhh…I am so with you about wanting ‘someone else to do the driving’ – though I am indeed okay with the actual driving…it’s the ‘business’ side of the business that I’m attracting. Someone who loves sales and marketing and the like, so that our blisses are combined (I do the energy sessions, they coordinate the business) and heightened because we’re both fully living our joy. As you say, it will happen when it’s meant to happen. In the meantime, it is our privilege to live consciously in the present moment, holding the space of joy and gratitude for what we’ve created to this point.

        I so love connecting with community in these conversations – thank you for sharing and being part of my path! 🙂

      • I like the model you are creating. I think I’ll borrow some of it. The combining of compatible energies is powerful, and the resultant whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I will keep my request for a driver. Sometimes I am so altered afterwards, it is really not safe for me to be on the road. Last night was a perfect example. Exhausted. The end of a very busy weekend of good work for Spirit, and I was so thrashed I could hardly move. My daughter packed everything up and got the car loaded. I remember the short (thank you God for that mercy) drive home at well UNDER the speed limit. There was not enough of my little me present to get the job done properly. Obviously I made it, because I’m here now, but that was probably as gnarly as it has been in a great while.
        I enjoy the connection and the conversation as well. Thank you for being a part of MY journey, too. Until next time. JM

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