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Ascended Master Saint Germain

Published November 18, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Speak This Message on My Behalf

For two or three days, I have been increasingly aware of the presence of Saint Germain. I can sense the color violet in my energy field, and can almost see it with my physical eyes, so intense is his Presence. As I write these words, I can feel the energy shifting in my head, back of my neck and chest. My heart expands, my smaller self shrinks down now to the size of a pinpoint. (I have the thought: I can feel your presence, Master, and have sensed your presence all day. What message would you have me translate for you?)

And now, I wait for the words to come…

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I come to bring you a message about the energy of Peace. The times you find yourself embroiled in are wreaking havoc with the collective energy field surrounding this, our Planet. We ask that you bring the energy of Peace through your biology on a daily basis now as an assistance to our efforts from this realm to finish the linking of the worlds that must, of necessity, be completed before any of us may move forward on our respective Ascension Paths.

There are those of you who are ready to step up to the task of assisting those who will find themselves in the future where you now find yourselves, collectively. I am ready to move to my next mission as well. Yet here we are, together, unable to move until this co-operative mission is accomplished.

Notice my use of the word “our” in reference to this Planet, Earth. “Our” includes my brother Sananda, the one you call Jesus. We have been working together with great focus and intensity for the past cycle, since his incarnation which allowed for the seeding of the Template for that which you know as Christ Consciousness. We understand this to be simply the way consciousness operates. This has been forgotten over the millennia of incarnation. The continuity of consciousness broke, and led to a disturbance in the process which necessitated this Grand Experiment; conceived by the Masters and Councils of Light aeons ago as an attempt to re-balance the very fabric of the Cosmos itself, thus bringing back the potential for a steady continuum of consciousness that stretches from one end of Creation to the other individually and collectively.

To fuse together my violet Flame of transmutation and His golden Light of Awakened Consciousness, you have but to ask it of us. Together, we will beam into your energy field the energies in an exact blend that will facilitate your accelerated progress. Adding the Golden Light will stabilize your frequency as it raises in vibration by the action of the violet Flame of  Transmutation.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ask that you take a moment to quiet yourself. Breathe, and as you do, bring the energy of the Most High into your crown chakra down through the center of your body, and out your feet into the very heart of the Earth herself. Imagine yourself in a pillar of brilliant white Light. Invoke the energy of the Violet Flame to purify and cleanse your energy field. Call upon the Golden Light of expanded Awareness to bring your consciousness to a new level of understanding. From this place of clarity in body and mind and energy, call forth now into your being the energy of Peace. The Peace that surpasses all understanding. Allow it to flood your awareness and your energy field. Collect it in your heart, and begin to send it out into the world with every breath you take. Continue to do this only for as long as you are able to hold the energy field in a stable condition. When you begin to falter, release the energy, and bring yourself back to ordinary waking consciousness by shifting your breathing pattern, taking a couple of sudden, sharp breaths in and out. We thank you for your efforts.

A stabilized energy field is increasingly important as you head towards the Gateway that is opening. We stand waiting to greet you in consciousness, and we continue to be committed to this transformation. As the individual changes, so shall the planet change. As the planet changes, so shall the solar system change. As the solar system changes, so shall the Universe change. This can happen in an instant if all is properly aligned. Whether we will succeed in this endeavor remains to be experienced. Whatever the outcome, know that we will not, we cannot, abandon you. Our destinies are linked.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain, and this is my message.

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ArchAngel Michael Speaks

Published November 4, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Hear My Words and Heed Them Well

English: Michael Archangel (Martorana)

Archangel Michael (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We step forward at this time to bring you this message. We are grateful for the opportunity to express ourself through this translator. Prepare yourself for the gift that you have long awaited.  It is the gift of a greater connection to your own divinity.  In order to facilitate this transition, we encourage you to work towards moving your personality into the background in order to make room for your soul’s expression.

As your universe reorients itself to the creative center, and expands once again into its fullest expression, so too do you have the opportunity to reorient yourself to your creative center so that you as well may expand into your fullest expression.

You have but to align your will, your personality, with the Higher Will through the focus of your own intention.  Do this daily.  Monitor your thoughts.  Remain vigilant.  Stay present.

In that precious moment, with that singular choice, you bring your little or local self into alignment with your Greater or Higher Self.  You do this through the exercise of your divinely given gift of free will.

We have often spoken to this translator about the seed of Divine Perfection you each carry within you.  Choosing to orient yourself to your own divinity will immediately activate that seed of perfection within you.  Think not, however, that by mere statement of words it is accomplished.  You are then bound by the Covenant you have made with your Soul to take action at a personality level in order to permanently free yourself from the illusion generated and sustained by your ego.

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

As you climb the Ladder of Light that is your spiritual DNA, you are in the process of reclaiming the parts of yourself you left behind to anchor your consciousness down through the dimensions as you made your courageous descent into Matter.

As you re-integrate these parts of yourSelf, you help to thin the Veil even more, the illusion of separation that has been your experience for the whole of this incredible journey will soon be no more. You will have accomplished the Purpose for which you came into incarnation, the task your Creator asked you to accept.
It is through the power of your Love and the strength of your Faith that you have been able to march into darkness to bring the Light.

The Seed of your Divine Perfection, when activated, will trigger the release of the encodings you have yourself stored within the vast database of your spiritual DNA. You have receptors in the physical DNA of the body which will interface with your spiritual DNA when the time is completed.

You are preparing yourself to move beyond the experience of duality to a place of non-dual existence.

Do not anticipate that it will be easy for you to make such an adjustment. You are required to continually choose, in each moment, your highest expression of Self, no matter the difficulty this may present for you.

Rise to this challenge! You have earned the right to take your place amongst the peoples of the Heavens. Claim it with every breath you take.

As you begin to integrate these higher frequencies, you will also begin to notice changes in your physical vessel. You may find yourself feeling more vibrant and perhaps even looking younger in your appearance. This Translator has noted same. It is due to the activation of certain codes within her spiritual DNA as a result of her successful passage through an initiation gate recently.

She received the Garment of Light her Soul has been longing for on the Mountain this past September. Such garments await each and every one of you, as well. Continue your work. Be focused.

Do not concern yourself with trivial things, for soon such activity will not matter any more. Can you not feel the changing of the energy?  Breathe deeply of the life force that is being poured down upon you. Use your intention to rebuild your corporeal structure.

It shall be made new again.

We are Archangel Michael, and thus have we spoken.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being see they are present with you. ~St. Frances de Seles

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.