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A Personal Message from St. Germain

Published December 30, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Note: This message came very late (after 11PM) on December 26th. I had been feeling the now familiar presence of  St. Germain around me most of the day, and it just kept building until I surrendered and sat down to begin translation. I did not intend to share it here, and frankly am only doing so because I was specifically asked to. I did find some peace when I finally understood the message. I thank the Heavenly Realm for their patience with me, an often recalcitrant Student. I certainly hope you find something of value in these words as well.

Your Answer, In the Hope It Brings You Peace

violet flameBeloved Servant of the Light, you have been struggling with something for weeks now, and you have asked for clarity. The beginning of this insight was planted through the instrument of one you know and have great affection for. It was our intention that you receive fully what it was that she spoke to you, and so you did. Now that we sense the beginnings of the opening,the expansion of your awareness that will allow for the integration and understanding of the information we would share with you this day, we will proceed.

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Angel Message #9

Published December 24, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Raphael Speaks

Angel in Andalusia

I AM ArchAngel Raphael, and I have come to bring you a special gift of healing that is yours to accept, without reservation, on this, the holiest of days. We deliver this gift unto you with the greatest of joy, and without hesitation. Embedded in the words you are reading at this very moment are Light Codes specifically designed to bring about balance in all corners of your Being-ness.

For this moment, we ask that you breathe deeply in, and take the healing energy directly into the cells of your physical body. Allow the Breath of God to cleanse all that is not in harmony with your healing. Your physical healing…Now breathe in again. Your emotional healing. Ah, yes, we can feel the pain as a physical sensation in your hearts. Release that to us now…

Breathe deeply in once more. Your mental healing. Allow those thoughts of unworthiness, of self-judgment, of confusion and worry to be brushed away from your mind and lifted on your out-breath into Our keeping.

One last breath, Beloved Ones. As deeply in as you can now, for this one is for the healing of your very Soul’s pain. Feel the energy rush into the physical, and perhaps you will have a sensation of it spreading out into your Greater Self’s energy field which surrounds you, a component of which many of you call the auric field. Allow this last breath to continue to expand into infinity, sweeping before it all that is not in harmony with your Perfected Pattern, your Original Blueprint. For indeed, your nature is infinite.

Rest now, in this holy moment, as we begin to pour into your energy fields the light most appropriate for your vibrational progression. For many of you, this will be golden light with pink overtones to it. For others, it may manifest as green, or violet or any combination of Light frequencies that your system needs at this time. If you are beginning to feel a tingling or a warmth, know this is only the energy interacting with your physical receptors. Some of you will hear the sound of our singing as we work to bring the Light of God, of healing, into your Being. Now, be at peace.

We rejoice, for the time has come for you to set down your self-imposed burdens and welcome a new way of being, of learning, of expressing, into your awareness. We give thanks to you for opening this door, and for allowing this gift to be given to all who would receive it.

I AM Archangel Raphael, and I have come to bring you healing.

*Translator’s note: As I began to type, I could feel my hands turn on, and energy began to run as I worked. I read back over this piece when I finished writing it, and could feel currents of energy pouring through my physical. I do believe, at the very least I perceive, that there are healing energies and light frequencies encoded in this message. I accept the gift I’ve been given this day. May you receive your gift as well. Blessings of the Season to you  and yours.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Frances de Seles

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Light RealmTranslation #1

Published December 9, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie


English: Truth (1896). Olin Warner (completed ...

English: Truth (1896). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We step forward at this time to make Our presence known to your awareness. The waiting is over. Our time together has come.  The energy of Truth is preparing to descend in  grand fashion upon your world, and we come to bring you the news thereof. What is Truth?

Your limited definition of Truth has nothing to do with the actual function of the energy you have labeled “truth”. It is a vehicle you can employ to increase the vibration of your energy field. The expression of Truth is not the mere voicing of one’s opinion.  The expression of Truth is the work you do to bring yourself into alignment with your authenticity, surrendering ego-self to that level of your awareness, and allowing the Truth of who you are to express itself unhindered by your personality.

Living in Truth requires courage, and demands heart.  Without Truth, there is only illusion.  Your world is full of illusion, but illumination through the light of Truth has begun.  What you will find when the work is done is that beneath this nebulous collective creation is a solid foundation upon which your species can build a brighter, more authentic world.

With your technology, you have created for yourselves a world that appears to be more connected, and yet from Our perspective you’re actually more disconnected because you no longer even take the time to look into each others eyes or listen to each others voices.  You have successfully isolated yourselves, and you wonder why you’re feeling out of balance.

Living in Truth requires that you strive to live in integrity, in alignment with yourself. Be mindful of the resonance of your being when you speak. You will learn to hear the sour note of self-deception in the very moment you give voice to something that is not in harmony with the Truth of who you are. Be loving in your communication of the Truth to others. Reflect to them the truth of who they are. Do not poison them with the venom of unkind words that are not the Truth of who you are, either.

Hold the mirror up to yourself daily. Look honestly at the energy that is guiding your actions, and acknowledge the Truth of the emotions, the feelings, the energy that is running through your energy system. Intend that all that is not in harmony with the Truth of who you are as Soul, as Spirit, be released to the Universe. Fill yourself with the Light of Truth, the Light of God.

Love yourself. Be patient with yourself. Know that as you remove the obstacles that stand between you and your full potential as Soul, you will be moving into a higher state of resonance. This heightened state will begin to permeate the ethers, and will lead to an eventual shift in the planetary consciousness grid of which you are an integral, important part.

Truth is a powerful ascension tool available to all who would employ it. We offer this as encouragement, and remind you that the energy you are experiencing at this time is supportive of any choice you would make concerning shifting your vibration to bring yourself more in resonance with the Universe.

You are only required to employ a greater degree of mindfulness and awareness as you go about your daily lives. Observe when you find yourself feeling out of alignment, and take note of it. Ask yourself the question: What is this situation (or person) reflecting back to me that I am not seeing within myself, for myself? When you feel the Truth of the response, acknowledge it. Work with it. Release the density using whatever form is most comfortable for you. Fill the void with the Light of God which is the Truth of who you are, by breathing that Light into the very cells and atoms of your physical body.

Thus shall you Ascend, Dear Ones. We rejoice.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

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ArchAngel Michael on Consciousness

Published December 1, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

You Are Infinity Itself

English: Statue of archangel Michael in Náměšť...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am ArchAngel Michael, and I come to bring you this message. From deep within the Stillness, from center of All that Is that lives within you, open yourselves to the energies we are beaming to the planet at this time. The Universe Itself is holding its breath, waiting to see whether the Gift will be received or rejected. For indeed there will be an honoring of your Free Will Choice.

Come now forward, with open hearts and allow the Peace and the Serenity of Creation and Perfection to flow into your physical with every conscious breath you take. Breathe in deeply, and as you do, imagine, sense or just know that you are receiving our Gift.

The entire Company of Heaven stands, waiting, around the Birthing Room. What will be the outcome of this long and difficult labor? What will Gaia give birth to? How will this new Child grow? Is our unwavering Love enough to bring this to completion? Even we do not know with certainty the outcome, Beloveds.

I have held my place with steadfast dedication, my eyes always open in order to Protect, my ears attuned to the Voice of my Creator, and my heart filled with hope at the Promise of what could be, what someday will be, for it is the Will of God himself that all sentient Beings be Free.

I will admit I am heartened by the efforts of those who would achieve their Greatness this lifetime. You understand this is an unprecedented opportunity that is not offered to very many. And yet you have managed to earn your place at this Table. The Banquet is laid out for you, you have but to enter the Great Hall and partake of the Feast that is waiting for you there.

I will be there to greet you, to congratulate you on your success and to hear your stories of courage and challenge. The entire Light World is waiting to receive you. You have but to stand within your Center, breathing. Do not be disheartened by what your physical senses may perceive. Know that there is potential on this planet for multiple dimensions of experience simultaneously at any given physical location.

Indeed, there are some of you who have already been experiencing this phenomenon without realizing what it was you were in the midst of. It is a side benefit of your increasing vibration, so rejoice. Be aware however, that just as we can see all of you, but not all of you are able to discern our constant Presence with you, the same holds true for those of you who are entering the outer edges of the Light Realms.

Your vision will change. Your sensitivities will increase. Your tolerance for certain things will diminish, while your ability to transcend other things will be sharpened. Notice my foot stands victorious upon the representation of the density within which you find yourselves. You too shall one day soon be able to stand victoriously with your foot upon your own conquered density. And your heart will be filled with gladness, for you will know that at last, your Journey Home has begun in earnest.

With your breath, you can expand your awareness into the Greatness that you Are, and begin to awaken to  your true potential. Stand in the center of All That Is that lives within you, and Breathe with me now. Fill your very cells with the Light of Life that is Everlasting. Watch as they begin to shimmer with the Golden Light of conscious awareness. You are accepting the Light. You are becoming the Light you always were. The Light you are.

I AM Archangel Michael, and thus have I spoken.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you. ~St. Frances de Seles

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.