Angel Message #9

Published December 24, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Raphael Speaks

Angel in Andalusia

I AM ArchAngel Raphael, and I have come to bring you a special gift of healing that is yours to accept, without reservation, on this, the holiest of days. We deliver this gift unto you with the greatest of joy, and without hesitation. Embedded in the words you are reading at this very moment are Light Codes specifically designed to bring about balance in all corners of your Being-ness.

For this moment, we ask that you breathe deeply in, and take the healing energy directly into the cells of your physical body. Allow the Breath of God to cleanse all that is not in harmony with your healing. Your physical healing…Now breathe in again. Your emotional healing. Ah, yes, we can feel the pain as a physical sensation in your hearts. Release that to us now…

Breathe deeply in once more. Your mental healing. Allow those thoughts of unworthiness, of self-judgment, of confusion and worry to be brushed away from your mind and lifted on your out-breath into Our keeping.

One last breath, Beloved Ones. As deeply in as you can now, for this one is for the healing of your very Soul’s pain. Feel the energy rush into the physical, and perhaps you will have a sensation of it spreading out into your Greater Self’s energy field which surrounds you, a component of which many of you call the auric field. Allow this last breath to continue to expand into infinity, sweeping before it all that is not in harmony with your Perfected Pattern, your Original Blueprint. For indeed, your nature is infinite.

Rest now, in this holy moment, as we begin to pour into your energy fields the light most appropriate for your vibrational progression. For many of you, this will be golden light with pink overtones to it. For others, it may manifest as green, or violet or any combination of Light frequencies that your system needs at this time. If you are beginning to feel a tingling or a warmth, know this is only the energy interacting with your physical receptors. Some of you will hear the sound of our singing as we work to bring the Light of God, of healing, into your Being. Now, be at peace.

We rejoice, for the time has come for you to set down your self-imposed burdens and welcome a new way of being, of learning, of expressing, into your awareness. We give thanks to you for opening this door, and for allowing this gift to be given to all who would receive it.

I AM Archangel Raphael, and I have come to bring you healing.

*Translator’s note: As I began to type, I could feel my hands turn on, and energy began to run as I worked. I read back over this piece when I finished writing it, and could feel currents of energy pouring through my physical. I do believe, at the very least I perceive, that there are healing energies and light frequencies encoded in this message. I accept the gift I’ve been given this day. May you receive your gift as well. Blessings of the Season to you  and yours.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Frances de Seles

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

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12 comments on “Angel Message #9

  • Always in appreciation and gratitude, thank you, Julie, for the sharing of this energy. I am lucky to have found you this year. Your words truly inspire and I always come away a little bit changed for having read them.

    • Your kind words are the reason I feel so blessed. Who’s the fortunate one here, truly? I believe I am, for the words that I am bringing through here seen to be striking a positive note, and uplifting chord, and I know that is the intention of those who are sending them. I bow to you in respect, and acknowledge the Light you carry, the Light to this world you are. Bless you, Lydia.

  • What a wonderful gift…………Thank you ArchAngel Raphael. Thank you Julie Marie!!

    Have a blessed Christmas and Holiday Season Julie. Love you to the Soul…….


    • I was blessed to the the first recipient. How could I not? I rejoice that others also received. I’ve been told in the past they could encode energy into the messages. This is the first time I allowed it to flow into such a public message. In the past it has always just been one-on-one healing messages for people. Thank you for the encouraging feedback.

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