A Personal Message from St. Germain

Published December 30, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Note: This message came very late (after 11PM) on December 26th. I had been feeling the now familiar presence of  St. Germain around me most of the day, and it just kept building until I surrendered and sat down to begin translation. I did not intend to share it here, and frankly am only doing so because I was specifically asked to. I did find some peace when I finally understood the message. I thank the Heavenly Realm for their patience with me, an often recalcitrant Student. I certainly hope you find something of value in these words as well.

Your Answer, In the Hope It Brings You Peace

violet flameBeloved Servant of the Light, you have been struggling with something for weeks now, and you have asked for clarity. The beginning of this insight was planted through the instrument of one you know and have great affection for. It was our intention that you receive fully what it was that she spoke to you, and so you did. Now that we sense the beginnings of the opening,the expansion of your awareness that will allow for the integration and understanding of the information we would share with you this day, we will proceed.

One of the most difficult things for you to understand is why, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you cannot seem to discern with any consistency the intention, the energy, of many placed in your path. You are only now beginning to grasp that the reason for the blind spot, and indeed it is by design, this blind spot, is that if you did not have it you would not choose to, with all the devotion you pour into any relationship, engage with some of the beings we are asking you to bring Our message to.

It is not about you, Dear One. It is for them, for their blessing, for their grace that we send you across their paths. We understand that you have begun of late to doubt your very connection to us. Do not hesitate for a single moment to believe that your connection is as powerful now, perhaps even more so, that it has been in past years. We see your pain. We feel it with you. We have done what we could to assist you, of that I assure you.

We are asking you to share this particular personal message with others. We understand that it will be difficult, but you have agreed to help bring the Light of Truth to this world, and this is a truth that others need to hear and understand.  You need to realize that you are not the only one who has this apparent difficulty. That is why you must share this message with them, so that they may also be comforted by gaining the understanding that when a being acts out of love, the resonance of which is without discord, the result that comes from the act or acts of love is not a direct reflection on the actor’s inability to perceive rightly the energies of the other person or persons.

Allow me to provide you with an example so that this concept will be well understood. We are beginning Our New Instructions here, and we wish there to be no misunderstanding about any of the concepts we will eventually present to you. We will not require you to reveal them all here. We will be content to bring them to your awareness if you will be diligent about recording them, for we do wish to publish these updated guidelines so as to broaden our influence and our ability to lift the consciousness of humanity to the place where – using here a more contemporary descriptive term than I may have in previous years – escape velocity is achieved. I AM, as you are well aware, all about Freedom, and the consciousness that has been trapped here for aeons deserves to be free. Free to experience all the wonder and possibility that awaits it once the chains of limitation and illusion are unlocked.

To my example. Let us use our imaginations for a moment, Dear One, and imagine that you encounter a person who presents to you as earnest in their desire to understand the Laws of the Universe and the guidelines for Ascension. Let us imagine also that this person is of sincere intention, but that there are deep wounds carried in their mental and emotional bodies that must, of necessity, first be cleared before the real work with the higher frequencies that would lead them to the very thresh hold of the Realms of Light can begin. Imagine that you encounter this person, and respond to the expression of their desire to understand by following the guidance of your higher Spirit and the Higher Light you are in Service to.

Your heart is open. You give what we ask of you in the moment without question. Always. In all ways. For this, we wish to extend to you our deepest gratitude, for it is rare to find such willingness, such surrender, encased in a human form. Time passes. An event, or a series of events, occurs that leads to an expression of anger, or righteous indignation, or an act of rejection by the very person or persons to whom you were brought in the first place. Invariably, you respond with confusion. Invariably, there is an experience great heart-pain. You weep with despair, for you wonder how you could have misread the energy to such an extent.

You did not, Beloved. You were not meant to see it, for it would have changed the outcome, it would have thwarted the very Will of the Most High, which is that all sentient beings be brought into the Light. All will be given the opportunity. It will eventually come to pass that all are together in the Light once more. Then we will begin again.

Do you understand what it is I have explained to you here? Always remember this: you have agreed to be an instrument of transformation. You have agreed to shoulder the burden of placing yourself in a position to be the catalyst for change, or at least to offer the potential for change, in the lives of many. Do not take on the erroneous belief that you have been acting from a place of unconsciousness. Quite the contrary. It is only from a place of awakened consciousness that such a choice or series of choices that you make in these situations would have even been possible in the first place. And we apply this in general to all with whom our words are resonating in this moment of Now.

To you who are reading these words, we ask that you take a moment and feel into your physical for any place where there is a part of your beingness that is whispering “Yes” to what I have shared this day. We would say to you, sit with these words. Allow the Truth of them to penetrate the layers of your energy field until it reaches the center of the cells of your physical body. Then shall you have the understanding. I AM St. Germain, and this is my message.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

4 comments on “A Personal Message from St. Germain

  • I often check this page and await guidance from the posts within this forum. But never have I felt such connection with a message than I have with this particular one. For the past few months I’ve felt extremely stagnant and stuck in my ways. However, as of late, I feel as if I am shaking off the dust and breaking out of the shell that has encompassed my awareness and being for so long (whether I am consciously making the effort or just going through the motions of each day). Thank you so much Julie Marie for being a conduit of messages between realms; I only hope I can be of such service to my fellow beings of Light as consciousness expands and the journey unfolds. God Bless, Light and Love!

    • There will be more activity on this site in 2013, I can feel it. I will find the balance point, I am sure, with Spirit’s help. Thank you for this. I was reluctant to publicize such a personal message, but was strongly encouraged to do so. The responses I’ve gotten have shown me that it was a good thing to share. Blessings to you as well.

    • It never ceases to amaze me, how this all works if I just let it. To be given that understanding DID bring me Peace, in a very real, palpable sense. I would even go so far as to say this awareness precipitated a fundamental shift in my being. For that, I am deeply grateful to the beloved, patient beings who watch over and work with me. Thank you for the comment, as that is what precipitated the ‘assessment’ that led to the realization of how profound the effect of this actually was for me. Namaste, Julianna.

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