Fear Not

Published May 26, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

Portrait of Master Koot Hoomi by Hermann Schmi...


Dear Ones, I say to you this day: fear not. All is well, despite the appearances to the contrary. We work to support you in many and myriad ways which are not apparent to you from your perspective.


Yes, we understand that the journey is a difficult one, and that many of you are filled with despair at the seemingly endless repetition of negative patterns that prevail in your realms of experience at this juncture. We would remind you that the most expedient course of action at this time is simply to maintain your concentration on what must be done to establish or regain your sense of balance.


If you must bail the excess water from the boat, then do so. If you must pick up your bed and walk, then do so. If you must rise, like the brilliant phoenix, from the ashes of your now-devastated life, then do so. Most importantly, fear not. All is well.


One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you. One foot in front of the other. Nothing more. Nothing less. Rise. Rise. Rise, we say to you. The breath of the wind will carry you if you will but make the attempt to lift yourself out of the density you have allowed yourself to plummet into. These things you are experiencing are simply part of what must be walked through in order to achieve the desired result.


You chose to place yourself in the midst of this chaos for a reason. You determined, prior to your incarnation, that you had the strength of faith, of will, to carry out the Plan which has been unfolding since the Beginning. And we say to you this: you can fulfill the purpose for which you volunteered. Fear not. All is well.


Decide that you will do that which has been given to you to accomplish, for that is all we have ever asked of you. The challenge for you is to determine what is that which was given to you to do, and what is arising from your human consciousness. Take the time to discern the difference, for that is of utmost importance. You are to do only that which you are tasked to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you.


We bow to you in admiration for your willingness to travel, blinded, into the darkness with only the Light you carry within you to guide your way. I am Kuthumi, and thus have I spoken.


Some notes: It has been some time since I was overcome with such strength to come here and translate a message from the Light Realms. I just finished a Morning Coffee and was preparing to address the next thing on my list when I heard clearly the words “Fear Not” in my mind. As I tried to move from the keyboard, I heard the words again, and felt the Presence of someone. I did not recognize this energy. It was not angelic, and it was not Saint Germaine. But I could feel the need to begin to put down the words I was hearing. I came to this site, and titled the post with those first two words: Fear Not. I translated the message, and was asking in my mind as I did so for the ‘author’ to please identify self upon completion of the transmission.

Thank you for honoring my request, Master Kuthumi. I will also reveal that my introduction to the workings of the Master Realm has been through direct experience of their energies for the most part. I am aware of the teachings of the Masters of the Seven Rays, but have not devoted the hours of study that would let me call myself a master of that information.

I sensed that the identifying information was correct, because I felt a ‘thunk’ in my energy field when I heard His Name. I was overcome with curiosity to know a little more about Him, so I did what anyone would do: I asked the internet gods who is Kuthumi? This is what I found:

Kuthumi is one of the Elders of the Race, a member of the Great White Brotherhood, and Chohan (or Lord) of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. (I had just completed the article where I spoke about how I felt the triangulation of planets in the sky this weekend was a gift of Love from the Universe, and this message is from the Lord of the Ray of Love/Wisdom). Seems like more than coincidence to me. Synchronicity, more like. (A synchronicity is a coincidence with a timing element to it.)

The Lords of the Seven Rays help oversee and guide the evolutionary development of humankind on this planet. Kuthumi serves in the capacity  of World Teacher. This position is also known as the Office of the Christ Consciousness.

When Kuthumi completed His Ascension, He chose to remain within the evolutionary spiral of Planet Earth’s Ascension process rather than move on to another, more expanded system of evolution and He did so out of compassion for Humanity. It is a tremendous sacrifice but it is made from a place of pure, unconditional love and compassion. I, for one, am grateful for His sacrifice.

The word ‘compassion’ means “to suffer with”. What greater gift can one sentient being give another than to be willing to stand in that place of suffering with them so they understand they do not suffer alone? ~Julie Marie

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2013, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

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12 comments on “Fear Not

  • Thank you Julie Marie. I hear him and feel him. I am so grateful you brought clarity of who he was a couple of years ago. Like many, he has been a direct guide to me. I appreciate you sharing what you experienced. It was so very timely. Synchronicity is such a gift. Thank You.

    • Rebecca. So good to know you are still connecting here. The message today was a complete surprise. I could tell it was different from the other energies I’ve translated for, but can’t find the words to describe exactly how. I’ve had that peripheral awareness of Kuthumi because of feeling or sensing His energy around others (like you), but until today have not had the experience of, well, direct experience. I very much enjoyed His energy. I may need to educate myself a little more about his mission and purpose. Any suggestions for places I can go to learn more about him? There’s so much out there, I don’t want to have to wade through mud to find the ‘gold’…

      • He has quite a story. Many lives. Known for the tree of life. I have a great story about that. Numerology.Pythygoras. Founder of Hippocratic Oath.One of the three wise men who came to Baby Jesus. Went to oxford university, and on and on. Some think he was St. Francis also.
        He used to scratch me in the back when he wanted to have me pay attention. I saw him in meditations and was introduced to him by Julie Marie. Random meeting but she spotted me in a full room of people (we didn’t know eachother)and tracked me down. She told me she had a message for me if I was so inclined. It was pretty intense to see and meet who I was seeing during meditations. Funny, right after she told me this, my name was called out. I had won a door prize at the psychic fair. I went to the vendor who gave me my prize (of many vendors). I won a necklace……the tree of life. What a connection.
        I still connect with him daily and it was perfect that I received this message today. Synchronicities everywhere. As it is supposed to me. So along with many, he guides my readings and my life. I am so very grateful to know him. There are a couple of websites to explore. But just google him, you will find many interesting things. Ascended Master Kuthumi.
        Hope this helps.

    • Thank you, Betty, for taking the time to encourage this endeavor. It is not something I am comfortable with, despite the LightWorld’s trying for almost two decades now…I am slow to surrender to this request. They are infinitely patient. Namaste.

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