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The Master St Germain with a Message – November 2016

Published November 13, 2016 by mediumjuliamarie

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the overshadowing of a Presence. I have been ‘cooped up’ in my house for the past few days, however, and perhaps that is part of the reason for this connection I cannot shake any longer. I surrender to the process, and will record the words as they come to me…

violet flameWe come before you now to speak into the darkness and confusion that we witness rolling in waves across your planet. Understand that you, each of you, by your Light shall be known. Your vibration is critical at this time. Work to maintain the integrity of your energy field by whatever means necessary: meditation, solitude, detachment, introspection, prayer, or some other tool or technique that suits you well.

We watch the response to that (appears) to be a devastating blow to all of humanity, and to the Divine Feminine in particular. If you can quiet yourselves, and listen to the whispers of Spirit, you will feel the Truth flow to you. The magnificence, the complexity of the plan that is unfolding with exquisite perfection at this time is not apprehended by the majority of humanity.

There is a tremendous stirring up of misqualified energy happening now. If Lightworkers would care to assist the Lightworld, the Realms of the Ascended Masters so earnestly working to clear the auric field of the Planet Herself in preparation for an Infusion of Higher Light, then you would ask for this misqualified energy to be transmuted and transformed.

There are Angels. There are ArchAngels. There is the Violet Flame of the Master St. Germain. There is the power of the Christ. There is the love of beloved Mother Mary, the Compassion of Kwan Yin. We stand, all of us, waiting to be asked to lend our assistance. You know we cannot intervene without permission.

We beseech you, do not allow this opportunity for clearing on a planetary scale to pass. Take a moment, especially now when the Moon is helping to magnify these energies in a way that lends itself to healing of deep Soul wounds, to make a request in whatever way you would choose to the Master that you most closely resonate with on behalf of all of humanity to clear this misqualified energy from the collective consciousness of the planet.

Light a candle, to represent your light if you choose. Or close your eyes briefly and from your Heartspace, send your desire for peace and harmony out to those of us who stand ready to assist.

We are here, waiting. We will answer.

I AM the Master St Germain, and this is our message.

Well, now. Even I forgot to ask the Master Realm for help with this. I am going to take the advice given and make my humble appeal for help to clear this misqualified energy that is choking out the expression of our collective divinity. If this resonates with you, join in. There is power in connection, especially with a unified intention.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen.                                            ~Vernon Howard

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A Valentine from the Universe

Published February 14, 2014 by mediumjuliamarie

angel galaxyAnd so we begin. Our love for you exceeds even the bounds of our own imagining. We cry with joy when you are victorious. We weep with you when you are in those dark places. What brave souls you, all of you, are. To have the faith, the vision, the heart to descend completely, totally and utterly into the heart of density in order to bring Light, in order to heal the wound of Separation which is but an illusion.

On this day, this day of love of the One for the Other, we open a door and transmit to you the love of the Universe. We cannot lift you from your valley, but we can pour out comfort. Stop for a moment now, and open yourself to this transmission, for by your awareness you activate it. Bathe yourself in the Light of Grace and may Grace wash away your pain, your disappointment, your fear.

We are in awe of your magnificence. Allow us to send you our Love, our appreciation, our support. We await the Return of the Prodigal Sons and Daughters of the Light. Too long have you been away from Home. The Feast is being prepared. The Celebration awaits you. When once more we are together, there will be a time of rejoicing. We stand ready to help you in whatever way we can. For now, allow the Love of the Universe to wash over you. And know that what you are experiencing in that moment is your Self in all of its breathtaking beauty and gentle power. Do not fear your own splendor. Behold. You are a Light unto the World, and to the Worlds beyond.

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You Are Divinity

Published August 4, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

 buddhaThese words have been echoing in my mind all day, repeating over and over. That is usually a signal someone has something to say, but I will say this energy is not familiar to me; at least not that I can recall. Because many of my lessons are about trust, must be time for another test in that area, so here I go:

You are Divinity.  How can we help you to see the beauty that is your True Nature?

Why do you hide behind the unworthiness and self-loathing that is but an expression of your lower nature?We understand that the human condition is a challenge to all, even those just beginning to awaken themselves from the slumber of aeons. The Light is streaming in through the open window, my Children. It is time to wake up.

We do not demand that you walk as a Master with every step you take. For most of you that is an impossible task anyway, so we do not require that of you in this day and this age. There is far more distraction to overcome now than there ever has been on the planet. We do ask that you begin to be more conscious of your impact on others, of your influence on the disposition of those with whom you interact.

Know that the mirror has been polished, and that the imperfections still to be smoothed out will be more glaring to you as you gaze at your reflection through the eyes of the Other. You are being given a rare gift. You are being given the gift of reflection. In order for you to know yourself, you must first be able to clearly see yourself.

As you move through your day, take special note of how the other humans respond to your presence, or to the words you speak. It will tell you much about exactly where you are on your journey. There is no judgment to be made, only observation. We are clear about this. No judgment. Of self or of the Other. Only observation. Observation so that you may learn and grow, and perhaps choose another way of being if you do not like what you are seeing in the mirror.

Please also be cognizant of the pleasing reflections that are shown to you. Accept them into your being, for they are also you. Do not turn your face away from your magnificence. Accept the beauty that is your true nature.

What this means is that you are encouraged to allow the Other to remark upon your good-ness, and you are to simply respond with two words: Thank You. We do not want you to deny this aspect of yourself and focus only on that which needs to be shifted. We understand that there is much that occupies your awareness these days, but the most important thing you can do is remember that you are Divinity, embodied, and that you have come here to express that Divinity into this world.

And so it is.

The transmission stopped as abruptly as it started. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

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Master St. Germain Speaks – On Freedom

Published July 4, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

As I awoke this morning, I could feel His Presence. He is coming in with more frequency and intensity these days. The dance continues. If there is such a thing as gentle surrender, then that is how I would describe this growing connection. I have to get over my own insecurities, and just do what I do when delivering any other message from the Light World: Give it as I get it. This, then, is what The Master would say this day:

violet flameWell, Dear One, we wondered when you would allow us the opportunity to deliver our latest treatise on Freedom. We are grateful that you allow us the latitude on this, a day that is in commemoration of the establishment of a set of ideas and ideals that would allow for the maximum experience of freedom by the largest number of people with the attendant experience of safety. This is a subject that is very dear to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you this day.

Freedom is not about oppression. It is also not about anarchy. There is a vast middle ground where the experience of freedom lives. I have a special connection with this land you now live in (the United States), and I deliver to its inhabitants on this day an extra measure of the Light that Transforms, for indeed it is needed if the progress is to continue.

Now, in this moment, I would like to explore the concept of individual freedom and its relevance to the eventual liberation of the mass consciousness and the planet Herself. I understand that often you find yourselves in a place of outrage or defeat, despair or resignation at what is happening to the principles upon which this great nation – which was intended to be the template for the world, we would also point out – was founded. You feel powerless. Yet you are not. You have the greatest power for change within your control. You are Light, yet you have forgotten the purpose for which you came into this realm. Allow me to give you a gentle reminder.

This day, we would draw your attention to the freedom-giver that is within each and every one of you.  Freedom is, contrary to prevailing perspectives, a state of mind, of consciousness, which can be accessed at any moment by the power of choice. In its purest form, freedom is the power, the liberty, to order one’s own actions. By this we mean to point out that you can, with your consciousness, transcend external control even when shackled and imprisoned in a pit of pure darkness.

You will always be free, despite the circumstances. Perhaps, for now, it may not appear to be Truth, but we remind you that from a Higher Perspective, you are as free now as ever you were. You are as free now as you were before you began your long, arduous journey into density in order to bring Light, so that All Beings could taste the sweet nectar of Freedom.

Broaden your awareness to include the very stars in the sky and the beings that inhabit those points of light. You have come to bring freedom to All. Set the flame of freedom afire within your heart-space now, and allow that energy to radiate out into your environment. By bringing your energy into alignment with the consciousness of Freedom, you become a conduit for same. What better way to contribute to the evolution of humanity than by impregnating the Field with a massive dose of Liberation?

Feel the expansion in your own awareness as you meditate for even this brief moment on the possibility, of Universal Freedom. I stand with others who have agreed to stand with you as, together, we stand for All who would rise up, who would expand into the experience of unlimited potential, the experience of true freedom.

I am St. Germain, and this is my message.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

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Fear Not

Published May 26, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

Portrait of Master Koot Hoomi by Hermann Schmi...


Dear Ones, I say to you this day: fear not. All is well, despite the appearances to the contrary. We work to support you in many and myriad ways which are not apparent to you from your perspective.


Yes, we understand that the journey is a difficult one, and that many of you are filled with despair at the seemingly endless repetition of negative patterns that prevail in your realms of experience at this juncture. We would remind you that the most expedient course of action at this time is simply to maintain your concentration on what must be done to establish or regain your sense of balance.


If you must bail the excess water from the boat, then do so. If you must pick up your bed and walk, then do so. If you must rise, like the brilliant phoenix, from the ashes of your now-devastated life, then do so. Most importantly, fear not. All is well.


One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you. One foot in front of the other. Nothing more. Nothing less. Rise. Rise. Rise, we say to you. The breath of the wind will carry you if you will but make the attempt to lift yourself out of the density you have allowed yourself to plummet into. These things you are experiencing are simply part of what must be walked through in order to achieve the desired result.


You chose to place yourself in the midst of this chaos for a reason. You determined, prior to your incarnation, that you had the strength of faith, of will, to carry out the Plan which has been unfolding since the Beginning. And we say to you this: you can fulfill the purpose for which you volunteered. Fear not. All is well.


Decide that you will do that which has been given to you to accomplish, for that is all we have ever asked of you. The challenge for you is to determine what is that which was given to you to do, and what is arising from your human consciousness. Take the time to discern the difference, for that is of utmost importance. You are to do only that which you are tasked to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you.


We bow to you in admiration for your willingness to travel, blinded, into the darkness with only the Light you carry within you to guide your way. I am Kuthumi, and thus have I spoken.


Some notes: It has been some time since I was overcome with such strength to come here and translate a message from the Light Realms. I just finished a Morning Coffee and was preparing to address the next thing on my list when I heard clearly the words “Fear Not” in my mind. As I tried to move from the keyboard, I heard the words again, and felt the Presence of someone. I did not recognize this energy. It was not angelic, and it was not Saint Germaine. But I could feel the need to begin to put down the words I was hearing. I came to this site, and titled the post with those first two words: Fear Not. I translated the message, and was asking in my mind as I did so for the ‘author’ to please identify self upon completion of the transmission.

Thank you for honoring my request, Master Kuthumi. I will also reveal that my introduction to the workings of the Master Realm has been through direct experience of their energies for the most part. I am aware of the teachings of the Masters of the Seven Rays, but have not devoted the hours of study that would let me call myself a master of that information.

I sensed that the identifying information was correct, because I felt a ‘thunk’ in my energy field when I heard His Name. I was overcome with curiosity to know a little more about Him, so I did what anyone would do: I asked the internet gods who is Kuthumi? This is what I found:

Kuthumi is one of the Elders of the Race, a member of the Great White Brotherhood, and Chohan (or Lord) of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. (I had just completed the article where I spoke about how I felt the triangulation of planets in the sky this weekend was a gift of Love from the Universe, and this message is from the Lord of the Ray of Love/Wisdom). Seems like more than coincidence to me. Synchronicity, more like. (A synchronicity is a coincidence with a timing element to it.)

The Lords of the Seven Rays help oversee and guide the evolutionary development of humankind on this planet. Kuthumi serves in the capacity  of World Teacher. This position is also known as the Office of the Christ Consciousness.

When Kuthumi completed His Ascension, He chose to remain within the evolutionary spiral of Planet Earth’s Ascension process rather than move on to another, more expanded system of evolution and He did so out of compassion for Humanity. It is a tremendous sacrifice but it is made from a place of pure, unconditional love and compassion. I, for one, am grateful for His sacrifice.

The word ‘compassion’ means “to suffer with”. What greater gift can one sentient being give another than to be willing to stand in that place of suffering with them so they understand they do not suffer alone? ~Julie Marie

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Mother Mary Speaks

Published January 21, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

Words of Comfort

L' Annonciation, 1644, peinture de Philippe de...

The Annunciation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I felt the Call to come to this place, ready to receive. I did as I was bid. I opened myself to the energy, and began to weep almost immediately.  I will admit to being in a rather fragile state at this time, striving to maintain balance when all is upside down in my world, so perhaps that was what part of the reaction was about. Who is here? I inquired in the Silence.

“It is I,” she whispered, “the Mother.”  I felt myself enfolded in a beautiful pale blue and white energy, definitely feminine and nurturing, and I remembered that in my tradition, Mary is the Mother of Jesus, but also the Queen of Angels. The words of the Beatles’ Let It Be began to play in the background: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me-Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be… I had a private exchange, and then was asked to transmit the following message. I have not been a direct channel for her energy before, so I am reticent to do so, but it was such a sweet, gentle, comforting energy that if it can come through the words that will flow here, then who am I to refuse? I step back now.

I see the heaviness that encircles you. I feel the distress that haunts you. I want you to know that I am here for you, and that there is nothing but hope for you. You thought it ended with the turning of the days, and now the realization that it is not fills some of you with despair.

Allow me now to come into your energy field and soothe your very soul. On the plane of mastery, we are working tirelessly with the angelic and other Light Kingdoms to help bring forth this Vision of Hope for the Universe. We will not forsake our promise to you to be there when we are needed.

I represent the Love of a Mother for her precious child, and I would have you know that each of you reading these words is precious to me. I watch over you, I worry about you,  I want to apply healing balm to your wounds. I know full well how difficult it is to be asked to do what, from the human standpoint, would be considered impossible. I understand the perils of obedience and surrender to the Higher Will. Despite all I endured, I would not change a single thing about my human journey, for it brought me to a magnificent place. I witnessed the birth of God-in-man.

How could I, because of my fear, have refused this gift to the world? How could I, feeling unworthy of such a task, have declined to do same? It was my faith that overcame my fear, my children. It was the promise of hope for this world that overcame my distress. It was the loving support of my husband that eased my distress, and I was filled with gratitude.

Collectively, you are called to do what I did. You are asked to birth the collective Christ Consciousness into the world. The seed has been properly germinated, tended and warmed by the Son. Now is the time for the new growth to push itself through the soil and into the Light. Be not afraid. Do not despair. The path is established and is stretching out before you. You have but to walk it.

Take your Mother’s hand, my child. I shall lead you safely Home.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

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A Personal Message from St. Germain

Published December 30, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Note: This message came very late (after 11PM) on December 26th. I had been feeling the now familiar presence of  St. Germain around me most of the day, and it just kept building until I surrendered and sat down to begin translation. I did not intend to share it here, and frankly am only doing so because I was specifically asked to. I did find some peace when I finally understood the message. I thank the Heavenly Realm for their patience with me, an often recalcitrant Student. I certainly hope you find something of value in these words as well.

Your Answer, In the Hope It Brings You Peace

violet flameBeloved Servant of the Light, you have been struggling with something for weeks now, and you have asked for clarity. The beginning of this insight was planted through the instrument of one you know and have great affection for. It was our intention that you receive fully what it was that she spoke to you, and so you did. Now that we sense the beginnings of the opening,the expansion of your awareness that will allow for the integration and understanding of the information we would share with you this day, we will proceed.

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