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Expansion – A Story

Published July 19, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Creation Expands Through Breath

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As the Heavens opened, and the Light poured forth, there was great rejoicing; for indeed the mind of God had awakened from long slumber and a time of inward-turning.  From the stillness, came movement.  Slight at first, but then with growing strength and determination.

For God would know more of Self.  And so God did intend to throw open the doors of Heaven and allow energy to take flight, to go where it would.  And so it did.  Like a mighty, massive, majestic flock of brilliant birds, we sailed out upon the Breath, the Great Exhalation that was the Beginning.

Like a shower of sparks, we fell.  We landed in many different places.  We took root and began to grow, creating the primary lattice-work that would eventually hold the patterns of All That Is in place.  Then came a time of stabilization before the act of Creation began.

Divisions were established, and thresh holds as well.  Certain things had to be accomplished before re-admittance to the higher realms would be granted.  For this was a Universal school of learning that was for the purpose of allowing that which Creates to gain a better understanding of the process of Creation.  In order for God to know Self, there must first be forgetting of the understanding of being God.  And so it was.

Then came the time of completion.  And we are there, all of us, together.  We are striving to gather up the pieces and bring them Home, once again to the Creator.  We are working tirelessly to that end.

It will be accomplished. Of that you may be certain.  All that went forth shall return from whence it originated.  And God will then know Self more completely, for you will bring the knowledge of all that you have learned and experienced with you when you return. And there will be great rejoicing.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit, for without being seen they are present with you.  ~ St. Francis de Seles

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