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The Master St Germain with a Message – November 2016

Published November 13, 2016 by mediumjuliamarie

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the overshadowing of a Presence. I have been ‘cooped up’ in my house for the past few days, however, and perhaps that is part of the reason for this connection I cannot shake any longer. I surrender to the process, and will record the words as they come to me…

violet flameWe come before you now to speak into the darkness and confusion that we witness rolling in waves across your planet. Understand that you, each of you, by your Light shall be known. Your vibration is critical at this time. Work to maintain the integrity of your energy field by whatever means necessary: meditation, solitude, detachment, introspection, prayer, or some other tool or technique that suits you well.

We watch the response to that (appears) to be a devastating blow to all of humanity, and to the Divine Feminine in particular. If you can quiet yourselves, and listen to the whispers of Spirit, you will feel the Truth flow to you. The magnificence, the complexity of the plan that is unfolding with exquisite perfection at this time is not apprehended by the majority of humanity.

There is a tremendous stirring up of misqualified energy happening now. If Lightworkers would care to assist the Lightworld, the Realms of the Ascended Masters so earnestly working to clear the auric field of the Planet Herself in preparation for an Infusion of Higher Light, then you would ask for this misqualified energy to be transmuted and transformed.

There are Angels. There are ArchAngels. There is the Violet Flame of the Master St. Germain. There is the power of the Christ. There is the love of beloved Mother Mary, the Compassion of Kwan Yin. We stand, all of us, waiting to be asked to lend our assistance. You know we cannot intervene without permission.

We beseech you, do not allow this opportunity for clearing on a planetary scale to pass. Take a moment, especially now when the Moon is helping to magnify these energies in a way that lends itself to healing of deep Soul wounds, to make a request in whatever way you would choose to the Master that you most closely resonate with on behalf of all of humanity to clear this misqualified energy from the collective consciousness of the planet.

Light a candle, to represent your light if you choose. Or close your eyes briefly and from your Heartspace, send your desire for peace and harmony out to those of us who stand ready to assist.

We are here, waiting. We will answer.

I AM the Master St Germain, and this is our message.

Well, now. Even I forgot to ask the Master Realm for help with this. I am going to take the advice given and make my humble appeal for help to clear this misqualified energy that is choking out the expression of our collective divinity. If this resonates with you, join in. There is power in connection, especially with a unified intention.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen.                                            ~Vernon Howard

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Master St. Germain Speaks – On Freedom

Published July 4, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

As I awoke this morning, I could feel His Presence. He is coming in with more frequency and intensity these days. The dance continues. If there is such a thing as gentle surrender, then that is how I would describe this growing connection. I have to get over my own insecurities, and just do what I do when delivering any other message from the Light World: Give it as I get it. This, then, is what The Master would say this day:

violet flameWell, Dear One, we wondered when you would allow us the opportunity to deliver our latest treatise on Freedom. We are grateful that you allow us the latitude on this, a day that is in commemoration of the establishment of a set of ideas and ideals that would allow for the maximum experience of freedom by the largest number of people with the attendant experience of safety. This is a subject that is very dear to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you this day.

Freedom is not about oppression. It is also not about anarchy. There is a vast middle ground where the experience of freedom lives. I have a special connection with this land you now live in (the United States), and I deliver to its inhabitants on this day an extra measure of the Light that Transforms, for indeed it is needed if the progress is to continue.

Now, in this moment, I would like to explore the concept of individual freedom and its relevance to the eventual liberation of the mass consciousness and the planet Herself. I understand that often you find yourselves in a place of outrage or defeat, despair or resignation at what is happening to the principles upon which this great nation – which was intended to be the template for the world, we would also point out – was founded. You feel powerless. Yet you are not. You have the greatest power for change within your control. You are Light, yet you have forgotten the purpose for which you came into this realm. Allow me to give you a gentle reminder.

This day, we would draw your attention to the freedom-giver that is within each and every one of you.  Freedom is, contrary to prevailing perspectives, a state of mind, of consciousness, which can be accessed at any moment by the power of choice. In its purest form, freedom is the power, the liberty, to order one’s own actions. By this we mean to point out that you can, with your consciousness, transcend external control even when shackled and imprisoned in a pit of pure darkness.

You will always be free, despite the circumstances. Perhaps, for now, it may not appear to be Truth, but we remind you that from a Higher Perspective, you are as free now as ever you were. You are as free now as you were before you began your long, arduous journey into density in order to bring Light, so that All Beings could taste the sweet nectar of Freedom.

Broaden your awareness to include the very stars in the sky and the beings that inhabit those points of light. You have come to bring freedom to All. Set the flame of freedom afire within your heart-space now, and allow that energy to radiate out into your environment. By bringing your energy into alignment with the consciousness of Freedom, you become a conduit for same. What better way to contribute to the evolution of humanity than by impregnating the Field with a massive dose of Liberation?

Feel the expansion in your own awareness as you meditate for even this brief moment on the possibility, of Universal Freedom. I stand with others who have agreed to stand with you as, together, we stand for All who would rise up, who would expand into the experience of unlimited potential, the experience of true freedom.

I am St. Germain, and this is my message.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

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Fear Not

Published May 26, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

Portrait of Master Koot Hoomi by Hermann Schmi...


Dear Ones, I say to you this day: fear not. All is well, despite the appearances to the contrary. We work to support you in many and myriad ways which are not apparent to you from your perspective.


Yes, we understand that the journey is a difficult one, and that many of you are filled with despair at the seemingly endless repetition of negative patterns that prevail in your realms of experience at this juncture. We would remind you that the most expedient course of action at this time is simply to maintain your concentration on what must be done to establish or regain your sense of balance.


If you must bail the excess water from the boat, then do so. If you must pick up your bed and walk, then do so. If you must rise, like the brilliant phoenix, from the ashes of your now-devastated life, then do so. Most importantly, fear not. All is well.


One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you. One foot in front of the other. Nothing more. Nothing less. Rise. Rise. Rise, we say to you. The breath of the wind will carry you if you will but make the attempt to lift yourself out of the density you have allowed yourself to plummet into. These things you are experiencing are simply part of what must be walked through in order to achieve the desired result.


You chose to place yourself in the midst of this chaos for a reason. You determined, prior to your incarnation, that you had the strength of faith, of will, to carry out the Plan which has been unfolding since the Beginning. And we say to you this: you can fulfill the purpose for which you volunteered. Fear not. All is well.


Decide that you will do that which has been given to you to accomplish, for that is all we have ever asked of you. The challenge for you is to determine what is that which was given to you to do, and what is arising from your human consciousness. Take the time to discern the difference, for that is of utmost importance. You are to do only that which you are tasked to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. One foot in front of the other. That is all we ask of you.


We bow to you in admiration for your willingness to travel, blinded, into the darkness with only the Light you carry within you to guide your way. I am Kuthumi, and thus have I spoken.


Some notes: It has been some time since I was overcome with such strength to come here and translate a message from the Light Realms. I just finished a Morning Coffee and was preparing to address the next thing on my list when I heard clearly the words “Fear Not” in my mind. As I tried to move from the keyboard, I heard the words again, and felt the Presence of someone. I did not recognize this energy. It was not angelic, and it was not Saint Germaine. But I could feel the need to begin to put down the words I was hearing. I came to this site, and titled the post with those first two words: Fear Not. I translated the message, and was asking in my mind as I did so for the ‘author’ to please identify self upon completion of the transmission.

Thank you for honoring my request, Master Kuthumi. I will also reveal that my introduction to the workings of the Master Realm has been through direct experience of their energies for the most part. I am aware of the teachings of the Masters of the Seven Rays, but have not devoted the hours of study that would let me call myself a master of that information.

I sensed that the identifying information was correct, because I felt a ‘thunk’ in my energy field when I heard His Name. I was overcome with curiosity to know a little more about Him, so I did what anyone would do: I asked the internet gods who is Kuthumi? This is what I found:

Kuthumi is one of the Elders of the Race, a member of the Great White Brotherhood, and Chohan (or Lord) of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. (I had just completed the article where I spoke about how I felt the triangulation of planets in the sky this weekend was a gift of Love from the Universe, and this message is from the Lord of the Ray of Love/Wisdom). Seems like more than coincidence to me. Synchronicity, more like. (A synchronicity is a coincidence with a timing element to it.)

The Lords of the Seven Rays help oversee and guide the evolutionary development of humankind on this planet. Kuthumi serves in the capacity  of World Teacher. This position is also known as the Office of the Christ Consciousness.

When Kuthumi completed His Ascension, He chose to remain within the evolutionary spiral of Planet Earth’s Ascension process rather than move on to another, more expanded system of evolution and He did so out of compassion for Humanity. It is a tremendous sacrifice but it is made from a place of pure, unconditional love and compassion. I, for one, am grateful for His sacrifice.

The word ‘compassion’ means “to suffer with”. What greater gift can one sentient being give another than to be willing to stand in that place of suffering with them so they understand they do not suffer alone? ~Julie Marie

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Ascended Master Saint Germain

Published November 18, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Speak This Message on My Behalf

For two or three days, I have been increasingly aware of the presence of Saint Germain. I can sense the color violet in my energy field, and can almost see it with my physical eyes, so intense is his Presence. As I write these words, I can feel the energy shifting in my head, back of my neck and chest. My heart expands, my smaller self shrinks down now to the size of a pinpoint. (I have the thought: I can feel your presence, Master, and have sensed your presence all day. What message would you have me translate for you?)

And now, I wait for the words to come…

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I come to bring you a message about the energy of Peace. The times you find yourself embroiled in are wreaking havoc with the collective energy field surrounding this, our Planet. We ask that you bring the energy of Peace through your biology on a daily basis now as an assistance to our efforts from this realm to finish the linking of the worlds that must, of necessity, be completed before any of us may move forward on our respective Ascension Paths.

There are those of you who are ready to step up to the task of assisting those who will find themselves in the future where you now find yourselves, collectively. I am ready to move to my next mission as well. Yet here we are, together, unable to move until this co-operative mission is accomplished.

Notice my use of the word “our” in reference to this Planet, Earth. “Our” includes my brother Sananda, the one you call Jesus. We have been working together with great focus and intensity for the past cycle, since his incarnation which allowed for the seeding of the Template for that which you know as Christ Consciousness. We understand this to be simply the way consciousness operates. This has been forgotten over the millennia of incarnation. The continuity of consciousness broke, and led to a disturbance in the process which necessitated this Grand Experiment; conceived by the Masters and Councils of Light aeons ago as an attempt to re-balance the very fabric of the Cosmos itself, thus bringing back the potential for a steady continuum of consciousness that stretches from one end of Creation to the other individually and collectively.

To fuse together my violet Flame of transmutation and His golden Light of Awakened Consciousness, you have but to ask it of us. Together, we will beam into your energy field the energies in an exact blend that will facilitate your accelerated progress. Adding the Golden Light will stabilize your frequency as it raises in vibration by the action of the violet Flame of  Transmutation.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ask that you take a moment to quiet yourself. Breathe, and as you do, bring the energy of the Most High into your crown chakra down through the center of your body, and out your feet into the very heart of the Earth herself. Imagine yourself in a pillar of brilliant white Light. Invoke the energy of the Violet Flame to purify and cleanse your energy field. Call upon the Golden Light of expanded Awareness to bring your consciousness to a new level of understanding. From this place of clarity in body and mind and energy, call forth now into your being the energy of Peace. The Peace that surpasses all understanding. Allow it to flood your awareness and your energy field. Collect it in your heart, and begin to send it out into the world with every breath you take. Continue to do this only for as long as you are able to hold the energy field in a stable condition. When you begin to falter, release the energy, and bring yourself back to ordinary waking consciousness by shifting your breathing pattern, taking a couple of sudden, sharp breaths in and out. We thank you for your efforts.

A stabilized energy field is increasingly important as you head towards the Gateway that is opening. We stand waiting to greet you in consciousness, and we continue to be committed to this transformation. As the individual changes, so shall the planet change. As the planet changes, so shall the solar system change. As the solar system changes, so shall the Universe change. This can happen in an instant if all is properly aligned. Whether we will succeed in this endeavor remains to be experienced. Whatever the outcome, know that we will not, we cannot, abandon you. Our destinies are linked.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain, and this is my message.

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Surrender and the Changes that Come With It

Published May 28, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

In the Company of Angels Event Now in the Hands of Higher Realms

English: Mount Shasta from Mount Shasta City, ...

English: Mount Shasta from Mount Shasta City, CA. Taken July 2, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier this month, my co-presenter and I did our second webinar that leads up to the September 21st – 23rd event at Mount Shasta.  It triggered a cascade of events and insights that have led to our scrapping of the original plan we developed, and has led to our mutual complete surrender to whatever guidance comes to us about this project.

Randy spoke about Telos, the city in the mountain existing in a higher dimension than ours, and that is what started the shifting of control from our hands to the angels and Masters.   I felt very differently after that webinar.  That evening, as I was trying to go to sleep, I had the sudden urge to grab a handy notebook and pen and start writing.  I knew the words were not coming from me, but rather through me.  The tone and pattern of expression were decidedly not mine.

A few days after this first message, I received more information related to the September project, and then knew I needed to meet with Randy to share what was happening.  We arranged a half-way meeting at the end of that week.  I was a little nervous about this, because we haven’t worked together closely on anything like this before, and frankly, I don’t know him that well.  We have had some wonderful conversations about Spirit over the years, and that has been the primary focus of our relationship.

I heard very clearly in my head as I was driving over that as long as I spoke from my heart and went slowly, it would be ok.  They were right, as usual.  By the end of the discussion, he was as excited at the prospect as I was, and I could feel brief moments in our exchange where we were both in the energy of the greater Intention itself, accessing and grounding in that intention.

When we parted company that day, I felt we were both uplifted and ready to see what would come next for us.  This project has become a Grand Adventure, fueled by intention and willingness to stay present in the moment.  We threw out the schedule and the agenda.  This is now officially what I have been calling it from the beginning:  A Gathering.  It is a gathering of souls who have promised to meet at a certain time and place for a specific purpose:  Service.

Here is a brief explanation about how the focus of the gathering has changed.  (The full updated version can be seen at the website listed below):

We have been asked by members of the higher realms, the angels and Ascended Masters, to organize a gathering of dedicated servants of the Light at Mount Shasta in September 2012.

It has been said that the quantity of lightbearers present is not as important as the quality of the lightbearers present. If the words of those who made the request resonate in your being, then perhaps you are one of the few they need.

The September time frame is of particular importance.  As they explained it to me, it is during the times of balance that the true work of manifestation can be accomplished. Those who have requested our presence are already preparing the area.

There is an ancient Hermetic principle:  As above, so below.  The Light world has completed the grid for the New Template, but there are anchor points in this realm which are still missing.  This means the grid cannot yet be released.  As representatives of Light on this side of the veil, we can assist.

We will employ ceremony, guided meditation, ritual and sharing to accomplish this task.  For this reason, Randy and I now understand that a set schedule is not appropriate as it does not allow room for the Masters to, as they put it, “orchestrate things in the moment”.

I was also told that:  Our work together will precipitate the release of Lemurian Light Codes that have been held in abeyance in anticipation of this meeting.  The appointment was made millennia ago, and a brief sound clip of the first message received can be heard at timely guidance, or can be read near the end of the article on this blog entitled: Notes on Today’s Event.

The details of how exactly all of this has changed will be shared during the next webinar on  Sunday, June 3rd at 1PM central.  Specifics on how to access this webinar will be made available at:

I have lived my life attuned to the guidance I receive to the best of my ability for the past 22 years.  I am continuing to be challenged to expand my awareness and listen to the subtle whispers that are as important as, if not more so, than the loud shouts or strong pushes I still receive that help me to stay on Path.  This whole project is yet another opportunity for me to learn and grow, and I am grateful to the angels for bringing me to it.

Move, and the way will open. ~ A Zen Proverb

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie.