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A Personal Message from St. Germain

Published December 30, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Note: This message came very late (after 11PM) on December 26th. I had been feeling the now familiar presence of  St. Germain around me most of the day, and it just kept building until I surrendered and sat down to begin translation. I did not intend to share it here, and frankly am only doing so because I was specifically asked to. I did find some peace when I finally understood the message. I thank the Heavenly Realm for their patience with me, an often recalcitrant Student. I certainly hope you find something of value in these words as well.

Your Answer, In the Hope It Brings You Peace

violet flameBeloved Servant of the Light, you have been struggling with something for weeks now, and you have asked for clarity. The beginning of this insight was planted through the instrument of one you know and have great affection for. It was our intention that you receive fully what it was that she spoke to you, and so you did. Now that we sense the beginnings of the opening,the expansion of your awareness that will allow for the integration and understanding of the information we would share with you this day, we will proceed.

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Light RealmTranslation #1

Published December 9, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie


English: Truth (1896). Olin Warner (completed ...

English: Truth (1896). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We step forward at this time to make Our presence known to your awareness. The waiting is over. Our time together has come.  The energy of Truth is preparing to descend in  grand fashion upon your world, and we come to bring you the news thereof. What is Truth?

Your limited definition of Truth has nothing to do with the actual function of the energy you have labeled “truth”. It is a vehicle you can employ to increase the vibration of your energy field. The expression of Truth is not the mere voicing of one’s opinion.  The expression of Truth is the work you do to bring yourself into alignment with your authenticity, surrendering ego-self to that level of your awareness, and allowing the Truth of who you are to express itself unhindered by your personality.

Living in Truth requires courage, and demands heart.  Without Truth, there is only illusion.  Your world is full of illusion, but illumination through the light of Truth has begun.  What you will find when the work is done is that beneath this nebulous collective creation is a solid foundation upon which your species can build a brighter, more authentic world.

With your technology, you have created for yourselves a world that appears to be more connected, and yet from Our perspective you’re actually more disconnected because you no longer even take the time to look into each others eyes or listen to each others voices.  You have successfully isolated yourselves, and you wonder why you’re feeling out of balance.

Living in Truth requires that you strive to live in integrity, in alignment with yourself. Be mindful of the resonance of your being when you speak. You will learn to hear the sour note of self-deception in the very moment you give voice to something that is not in harmony with the Truth of who you are. Be loving in your communication of the Truth to others. Reflect to them the truth of who they are. Do not poison them with the venom of unkind words that are not the Truth of who you are, either.

Hold the mirror up to yourself daily. Look honestly at the energy that is guiding your actions, and acknowledge the Truth of the emotions, the feelings, the energy that is running through your energy system. Intend that all that is not in harmony with the Truth of who you are as Soul, as Spirit, be released to the Universe. Fill yourself with the Light of Truth, the Light of God.

Love yourself. Be patient with yourself. Know that as you remove the obstacles that stand between you and your full potential as Soul, you will be moving into a higher state of resonance. This heightened state will begin to permeate the ethers, and will lead to an eventual shift in the planetary consciousness grid of which you are an integral, important part.

Truth is a powerful ascension tool available to all who would employ it. We offer this as encouragement, and remind you that the energy you are experiencing at this time is supportive of any choice you would make concerning shifting your vibration to bring yourself more in resonance with the Universe.

You are only required to employ a greater degree of mindfulness and awareness as you go about your daily lives. Observe when you find yourself feeling out of alignment, and take note of it. Ask yourself the question: What is this situation (or person) reflecting back to me that I am not seeing within myself, for myself? When you feel the Truth of the response, acknowledge it. Work with it. Release the density using whatever form is most comfortable for you. Fill the void with the Light of God which is the Truth of who you are, by breathing that Light into the very cells and atoms of your physical body.

Thus shall you Ascend, Dear Ones. We rejoice.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

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