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Master St. Germain Speaks – On Freedom

Published July 4, 2013 by mediumjuliamarie

As I awoke this morning, I could feel His Presence. He is coming in with more frequency and intensity these days. The dance continues. If there is such a thing as gentle surrender, then that is how I would describe this growing connection. I have to get over my own insecurities, and just do what I do when delivering any other message from the Light World: Give it as I get it. This, then, is what The Master would say this day:

violet flameWell, Dear One, we wondered when you would allow us the opportunity to deliver our latest treatise on Freedom. We are grateful that you allow us the latitude on this, a day that is in commemoration of the establishment of a set of ideas and ideals that would allow for the maximum experience of freedom by the largest number of people with the attendant experience of safety. This is a subject that is very dear to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you this day.

Freedom is not about oppression. It is also not about anarchy. There is a vast middle ground where the experience of freedom lives. I have a special connection with this land you now live in (the United States), and I deliver to its inhabitants on this day an extra measure of the Light that Transforms, for indeed it is needed if the progress is to continue.

Now, in this moment, I would like to explore the concept of individual freedom and its relevance to the eventual liberation of the mass consciousness and the planet Herself. I understand that often you find yourselves in a place of outrage or defeat, despair or resignation at what is happening to the principles upon which this great nation – which was intended to be the template for the world, we would also point out – was founded. You feel powerless. Yet you are not. You have the greatest power for change within your control. You are Light, yet you have forgotten the purpose for which you came into this realm. Allow me to give you a gentle reminder.

This day, we would draw your attention to the freedom-giver that is within each and every one of you.  Freedom is, contrary to prevailing perspectives, a state of mind, of consciousness, which can be accessed at any moment by the power of choice. In its purest form, freedom is the power, the liberty, to order one’s own actions. By this we mean to point out that you can, with your consciousness, transcend external control even when shackled and imprisoned in a pit of pure darkness.

You will always be free, despite the circumstances. Perhaps, for now, it may not appear to be Truth, but we remind you that from a Higher Perspective, you are as free now as ever you were. You are as free now as you were before you began your long, arduous journey into density in order to bring Light, so that All Beings could taste the sweet nectar of Freedom.

Broaden your awareness to include the very stars in the sky and the beings that inhabit those points of light. You have come to bring freedom to All. Set the flame of freedom afire within your heart-space now, and allow that energy to radiate out into your environment. By bringing your energy into alignment with the consciousness of Freedom, you become a conduit for same. What better way to contribute to the evolution of humanity than by impregnating the Field with a massive dose of Liberation?

Feel the expansion in your own awareness as you meditate for even this brief moment on the possibility, of Universal Freedom. I stand with others who have agreed to stand with you as, together, we stand for All who would rise up, who would expand into the experience of unlimited potential, the experience of true freedom.

I am St. Germain, and this is my message.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit; for without being seen they are present with you. ~St. Francis de Seles

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A Personal Message from St. Germain

Published December 30, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie

Note: This message came very late (after 11PM) on December 26th. I had been feeling the now familiar presence of  St. Germain around me most of the day, and it just kept building until I surrendered and sat down to begin translation. I did not intend to share it here, and frankly am only doing so because I was specifically asked to. I did find some peace when I finally understood the message. I thank the Heavenly Realm for their patience with me, an often recalcitrant Student. I certainly hope you find something of value in these words as well.

Your Answer, In the Hope It Brings You Peace

violet flameBeloved Servant of the Light, you have been struggling with something for weeks now, and you have asked for clarity. The beginning of this insight was planted through the instrument of one you know and have great affection for. It was our intention that you receive fully what it was that she spoke to you, and so you did. Now that we sense the beginnings of the opening,the expansion of your awareness that will allow for the integration and understanding of the information we would share with you this day, we will proceed.

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