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The Master St Germain with a Message – November 2016

Published November 13, 2016 by mediumjuliamarie

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the overshadowing of a Presence. I have been ‘cooped up’ in my house for the past few days, however, and perhaps that is part of the reason for this connection I cannot shake any longer. I surrender to the process, and will record the words as they come to me…

violet flameWe come before you now to speak into the darkness and confusion that we witness rolling in waves across your planet. Understand that you, each of you, by your Light shall be known. Your vibration is critical at this time. Work to maintain the integrity of your energy field by whatever means necessary: meditation, solitude, detachment, introspection, prayer, or some other tool or technique that suits you well.

We watch the response to that (appears) to be a devastating blow to all of humanity, and to the Divine Feminine in particular. If you can quiet yourselves, and listen to the whispers of Spirit, you will feel the Truth flow to you. The magnificence, the complexity of the plan that is unfolding with exquisite perfection at this time is not apprehended by the majority of humanity.

There is a tremendous stirring up of misqualified energy happening now. If Lightworkers would care to assist the Lightworld, the Realms of the Ascended Masters so earnestly working to clear the auric field of the Planet Herself in preparation for an Infusion of Higher Light, then you would ask for this misqualified energy to be transmuted and transformed.

There are Angels. There are ArchAngels. There is the Violet Flame of the Master St. Germain. There is the power of the Christ. There is the love of beloved Mother Mary, the Compassion of Kwan Yin. We stand, all of us, waiting to be asked to lend our assistance. You know we cannot intervene without permission.

We beseech you, do not allow this opportunity for clearing on a planetary scale to pass. Take a moment, especially now when the Moon is helping to magnify these energies in a way that lends itself to healing of deep Soul wounds, to make a request in whatever way you would choose to the Master that you most closely resonate with on behalf of all of humanity to clear this misqualified energy from the collective consciousness of the planet.

Light a candle, to represent your light if you choose. Or close your eyes briefly and from your Heartspace, send your desire for peace and harmony out to those of us who stand ready to assist.

We are here, waiting. We will answer.

I AM the Master St Germain, and this is our message.

Well, now. Even I forgot to ask the Master Realm for help with this. I am going to take the advice given and make my humble appeal for help to clear this misqualified energy that is choking out the expression of our collective divinity. If this resonates with you, join in. There is power in connection, especially with a unified intention.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen.                                            ~Vernon Howard

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A Valentine from the Universe

Published February 14, 2014 by mediumjuliamarie

angel galaxyAnd so we begin. Our love for you exceeds even the bounds of our own imagining. We cry with joy when you are victorious. We weep with you when you are in those dark places. What brave souls you, all of you, are. To have the faith, the vision, the heart to descend completely, totally and utterly into the heart of density in order to bring Light, in order to heal the wound of Separation which is but an illusion.

On this day, this day of love of the One for the Other, we open a door and transmit to you the love of the Universe. We cannot lift you from your valley, but we can pour out comfort. Stop for a moment now, and open yourself to this transmission, for by your awareness you activate it. Bathe yourself in the Light of Grace and may Grace wash away your pain, your disappointment, your fear.

We are in awe of your magnificence. Allow us to send you our Love, our appreciation, our support. We await the Return of the Prodigal Sons and Daughters of the Light. Too long have you been away from Home. The Feast is being prepared. The Celebration awaits you. When once more we are together, there will be a time of rejoicing. We stand ready to help you in whatever way we can. For now, allow the Love of the Universe to wash over you. And know that what you are experiencing in that moment is your Self in all of its breathtaking beauty and gentle power. Do not fear your own splendor. Behold. You are a Light unto the World, and to the Worlds beyond.

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Published June 18, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie
Español: Ángel orante, de Mateo Inurria. Escul...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is all around you.

It lives.  It breathes.

With each inbreath, you inhale.


In this inspiration, is all that you aspire to be.

Breathe deeply in now, all that you are becoming.

Breathe in deeply now, all that you

are already.

Know, with each breath, it is


the being


the becoming.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit.  For without being seen, they are present with you. ~ St. Frances de Sales

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Why This Angelic Presence?

Published March 27, 2012 by mediumjuliamarie
One of Melozzo's famous angels from the Basili...

One of Melozzo's famous angels from the Basilica dei Santi Apostoli, now in the sacristy of St. Peter's. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are as many and varied understandings about what an angel is as there are people.  I do not presume to be an expert, nor do I hold myself out as one.  I can only share my experiences with these messengers of the LightWorld, as they are sent by the Creator of All that Is to uplift us and encourage us as we struggle to understand our place in the Universe.  If you do an online search using just the word “angels”, you will get at least 33,999,088 results in 0.10 seconds.

There are books, massive websites, movies, music, and artwork all devoted exclusively to these unseen messengers.  People have devoted their lives to spreading the word about angels.  You can attend wonderful workshops about angels:  how to connect with them, how to communicate with them, how to invoke them.   There are angel cards, you can get an angel reading, even.

So I ask myself daily, since this whole project began, why am I being called to add to this mosaic? I know that someday the reason for this blog will become apparent.  For now, I will continue to put energy into it to help it grow.  The postings won’t be as frequent as those on the primary blog, but I will endeavor to allow the angels to inspire me, to let me know what they would have me share with you here.  I am but the instrument, and this project is definitely not born of my intellect.

I will write when I am inspired to, and will allow this site to unfold according to the Higher Will. I may share some of the angel artwork that has been coming to me in the past few years.  I hope that it will be of benefit to whose who are in need of inspiration and encouragement.  Thank you for taking the time to visit here.

A gathering of angels can enlighten the whole world. ~ Unknown

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